BestDissertation Review 2022

Thinking about using BestDissertation and relying on their promises of the “best writing quality”? Well, don’t rush with it. When you check the agency’s online presence, nothing particularly bad sticks out about it until you start investigating. You begin finding very questionable practices behind the platform. You wouldn’t want to use such a service, would you?

The existing BestDissertation reviews on independent review websites are mainly positive. Still, a few key points attracted us to them. We’ve decided to set ourselves a goal and find out whether all these positive reviews are real. We investigated everything about this agency and collected our findings in this article. turned out to be not the “top dissertation writing platform,” as we learned in our review. The positive reviews are fake and were used as a promotional tactic. The service itself isn’t good at all.

Can You Trust

“Is BestDissertation legit in any terms?” That was the main mindset behind our approach to this review. Commonly, fake academic platforms have websites that focus on promoting one type of service but, in reality, deliver all types. It is exactly what’s happening at this agency.

“Will BestDissertation scam me and run away with my money?” We had to discover it by ourselves by ordering assignments. We couldn’t trust the feedback on such independent review sites as TrustPilot and SiteJabber, as the reviews were from blanks. Meaning, the people leaving feedback supposedly created an account just to review this platform and nothing else.

It points to being this type of marketing where a few people spam independent websites with positive reviews. Additionally, another proof of their questionable practices is their website filled with redundant content.

Offered Services

BestDissertation essay, research proposal, thesis, coursework, research paper — all are viable offerings on the platform. So, it reveals that the agency isn’t a specialized platform where you can get excellent dissertations. No, it’s just another “best” writing agency offering to do any task you throw at it.

You can see every BestDissertation’s service through the order form, even though the website doesn’t have a dedicated services page. In our review, we found out that they have over 30 offerings, including task types that are other than writing:

  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Editing
  • Project making
  • Plan creation

So, the line-up of services is one that’s quite widespread in almost any sketchy writing agency. Moreover, the website content doesn’t match the website’s main service. It’s a general description of a writing agency. Most likely, the website is just a front for a completely another platform.

Quality of BestDissertation’s Work

The BestDissertation’s writing is surely nothing that deserves 5 out of 5 ratings in most reviews. Our experience with the platform resembled more negative customer reviews than positive ones. For example, one of our 10-day deadline orders, the expert wasn’t assigned for 8 days. Due to this, it was delivered 3 days late, which is completely unacceptable.

Furthermore, BestDissertation’s quality isn’t something you’re guaranteed on the platform, because they don’t do revisions. We decided to request a revision for an order that had too many grammatical and contextual issues. The representatives denied it, not even for additional payment. So, be ready to finish your task yourself.

What BestDissertation’s writers produced for the review was just despicable and not worthy of anybody’s attention. With such a low level of quality, you’d be much better off completing the assignment yourself, instead of losing time.

BestDissertation Registration

BestDissertation login and signup are the platform’s user-based features we look at this review. It is an excellent way to discern good and reliable agency from a one you shouldn’t rely on.


As a website newcomer, the login button is all you’ll find on the platform. Like many other questionable agencies, this requires you to order first before an account is created for you. It makes it so that you can’t check out the account features before buying into the system.

Sign In

BestDissertation sign-in process is quite easy. The corresponding button is always placed at the top-right of your screen when you’re on the website.

Client Account

The further review of the customer cabinet confirmed all our suspicions of the agency being a completely another platform. Your personal account looks like it was taken off another website.

BestDissertation Prices and Promo Codes

The BestDissertation’s prices aren’t the worst possible case scenario. In our review, we’ve seen much worse options. Still, a charge per page of academic content that’s over $22 is nothing to scoff at. And that’s a price for a deadline of 10 days. Shorter deadlines can even double the base charge.

In our review, we’ve discovered that the platform is designed to take as much money as possible from users. They offer 3 quality levels with redundant features, links to “plagiarism check”, and “advanced plagiarism check.” This extortionate approach to creating services is surely not student-friendly who can neither afford add-ons nor highly-priced offerings.

You can’t get a BestDissertation’s promo code because the platform doesn’t do any special promotions. All of the codes you can find online are fake, and you can’t apply them on the website. So, don’t expect to receive a nice discount in your email any time soon, as we’ve learned in our review.

Another way to get a BestDissertation’s discount code is by ordering more and more tasks on the platform. It’s a simple loyalty program present in almost all other writing agencies. So, it’s nothing new or exciting.

BestDissertation Customer Support

For the BestDissertation review, we also tested the customer support team. Bad communication can destroy any good impressions you get from an agency. But good communication cannot substitute high-quality service. Unfortunately for the agency, it’s customer support lacks reliability, too.

Ways of Communication

You can reach out in 3 different ways to this agency: via email, phone, or live chat. In our review, we’ve found the live chat to be the only viable option.

Response Times takes it time to process your inquiries unless you want to buy something from them. In that case, a platform representative will promptly join the live chat, as we’ve discovered during the review.


Although they claim to be available 24/7, it’s not actually the case. Even the live chat goes down at specific times. In our review, we’ve often had to deal with a chatbot.

BestDissertation.Com — Quite Possibly Scammers

During the BestDissertation review, we’ve uncovered many questionable and negative aspects of the platform. The prices are high and extortionate, and the quality isn’t something anyone would pay for. Still, even these issues aren’t the biggest downside to using this platform.

The thing is that is quite likely another writing agency in disguise. Meaning, it’s an established scamming organization with a different-looking website. When you consider the following, it all becomes clear:

  • The website content doesn’t match the website itself;
  • The user account is seemingly from another platform;
  • They employ sketchy marketing tactics: buying reviews and SEO texts.

Choosing the BestDissertation company is a big gamble on your money. You might win and get a good paper or lose your money. So, why gamble when there are safe options readily available? Hopefully, this review has persuaded you to stay away from this unreliable and untrustworthy platform.