Dissertation-Service.org Review 2021

Dissertation-Service.org is not a new name to college students who have experience with academic writing services. However, this company isn’t on people’s minds for the right reasons. When you hear about professional writing services, several things come to mind. You think of better grades, properly-formatted papers, and compelling arguments that will leave your professor in awe, right? That’s what every student expects when they hire a professional to write their paper. No one expects to be deceived or end up with a low-quality paper.
Unfortunately, that’s what you get when you trust this online company. This Dissertation-Service.org review aims at exposing some of the disadvantages of trusting them to write your college essays. We scoured the internet looking for an honest review by their clients. Furthermore, we explored the site and tested it out. If Dissertation-Service is among your choices, you’ll want to read this review. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dissertation-Service.org – Is It Reliable?

Is Dissertation-Service.org legit? Whether you’re new to academic writing services, or you’ve had a bad experience with such companies, this question is expected. No student wants to spend their hard-earned money on papers they may never use. Confirming Dissertation-Service scam is also crucial if you want to ensure you get good grades. Unfortunately, this isn’t among the companies you can trust with your essay. A quick review of their user experience online proves the company isn’t doing a great job.
We came across more than one review complaining about the company. Their custom dissertation writing service is riddled with negative review statements from unsatisfied customers. From accusations of plagiarism to lack of proper execution of tasks, there are many reasons to avoid this company. Here’s why this shouldn’t be your first choice when you need professional writing services.

What Services Are Offered?

Dissertation-Service.org, like most service providers in the industry, strives to make their company a one-stop-shop for all things academic writing. Some of the services you should expect to get from them include:
  • Dissertation writing services – in line with their name, writing dissertations is one of the top services they offer to students;
  • Admission essays – the company also promises to write you a compelling college essay to get into your dream school;
  • General academic writing – this includes research papers, movie review, book review, essays, and daily assignments;
  • Research paper writing – it includes research essays on various topics;
  • Proofreading and editing – this service is for the student that just needs a fresh set of eyes to confirm the quality of their work.
If you’re like most students, you’re probably thinking, “This is exactly what I need.” However, the Dissertation-Service offer, as we soon came to discover, isn’t something to be excited about.

Are Writers Good? – Dissertation-Service.org

Dissertation-Service writing is one of the reasons we believe you shouldn’t be excited about the company’s services. When you hire a Ph.D. writer, you hope that the paper will surpass all your expectations. The writer is supposed to be better than you after all, right? Dissertation-Service.org quality is far from excellent – a factor that makes us question their integrity. They promise top-notch quality but deliver the substandard quality you’d be ashamed to submit to your professor. Dissertation-Service writers are not only non-native English speakers but also don’t understand basic academic requirements. You won’t miss a review or two reporting that they got papers not structured as the instructions stated. Some students also complained about getting plagiarized papers after payment. Therefore, if your goal is to get an impressive paper, you’d better run at the mention of this website. They make empty promises they don’t plan on delivering. And they don’t care about your needs.

Dissertation-Service Registration & Design

While the Dissertation-Services login process is pretty straightforward, we didn’t like the overall design of the website. A new user would find it hard to navigate the site for several reasons. For starters, the order button is placed at the very bottom of the page. That makes it difficult to find because there’s so much text on the home page. What’s more, there’s a login, proceed, and order button on the page and no explanation. It’s challenging to know which one to click if you’re new to the site. Therefore, you may have to do a few wrong things before you hit the right button. Dissertation-Service.org also has a lot going on their website. They have navigation tabs at the top of the site, but they still add the same information countless times on their homepage. For us, that was a bit of an eyesore and really confusing. What happened to simplicity and hassle-free navigation?

Dissertation-Service Prices and Discount Codes

Dissertation-Service.org prices were also among our top priorities while we were crafting this review. We wanted to know how their prices compare to others since they promise your paper will be written by Ph.D. graduates. Based on the Dissertation-Service prices review, we don’t believe the price tag is worth it. This company charges more compared to other companies and doesn’t deliver in terms of quality. Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about their pricing.

Do They Offer Coupons?

Dissertation-Service coupon code doesn’t exist. Returning customers have to pay the full price and don’t get discounts even for multiple orders.

Are There First-Time Discounts?

The Dissertation-Service discount code is available for all first-time clients. The company offers a 17% discount for your initial order.

Does the Company Offer Money-Back Guarantees?

We didn’t see any information about refund guarantees while researching for this review, either. It seems you’ll have to walk away with the quality you get.

Can I Pay for an Urgent Paper?

Urgency means something totally different on this website. The earliest they can get your paper back to you is within 48 hours. This means you shouldn’t rely on them for last-minute projects.

Dissertation-Service.org Customer Support

Dissertation-Service support is something else that really disappointed us. When you land on a website you’ve never been on before, a supportive customer care team is invaluable. They can help you place your order, navigate the site, and even offer a price quotation. You shouldn’t expect any of this on this website. The support team is far from reliable. When you land on the site, you get a message from support immediately. When we saw this, we thought, “They must be very efficient.” But that bubble burst in seconds. After responding to the message, it took forever for someone to get back to us. Our review on Dissertation-Service.org after this was slowly shifting from good to bad. And we were right to be skeptical. Throughout the ordering process, it was challenging to get in touch with the support team.

Dissertation-Service.org – Terrible Service

This Dissertation-Service review was crafted to help you make an informed decision before parting with your money. The site has lured many unsuspecting students to their site, who only end up disappointed. They will promise excellent service and won’t do anything to deliver on their promise. Dissertation-Service.org even goes as far as claiming they have a plethora of Ph.D. writers. However, it’s quite evident they don’t have good writers if we consider the quality they provide. You don’t expect a Ph.D. writer to struggle with grammar and the structure of an academic paper. But that is what you get from the site, meaning they are selling you false promises just to get your money. Do not fall victim to this. Take time to find the right company for your needs. It may take some time, but it’s worth it. Avoid Dissertation-Service.org if you value maintaining top grades and a good academic reputation.