MyAssignmentHelp Review 2021

The reason behind the review is the obvious mismatch between all the customer feedback and the great service review. Those who’ve used the service are mainly dissatisfied with it, while the comprehensive reviews praise the agency. We believe that you, the potential platform user, deserve to know the real truth, don’t you agree?
So, we’ve set out to do the MyAssignmentHelp review and get to the bottom of this. We’ve tried to be utterly objective when examining the website platform and what they offer. We did a comprehensive analysis of their website, talked to their representatives, and ordered a couple of papers. The review for MyAssignmentHelp contains the general experience we got from using this platform. The main things that we put under review were:
  • The first impression they make as a service
  • The range of their product line-up
  • The writing quality
  • The affordability of their pricing scheme
  • The level of customer care
In the end, left us unimpressed and dissatisfied. The positive reviews online were playing up the agency’s standards and level of quality. Many of the positive aspects discussed in these reviews were nowhere to be found, as we reviewed it.

MyAssignmentHelp: Is It Reliable?

Is My Assignment Help legit? It is a completely normal question from any writing platform user. However, when you visit the agency’s website for the first time, you’re greeted by an outdated design. It is usually not a good sign of things to come because people behind the platform haven’t updated it in a long time. Will MyAssignmentHelp scam you? We can’t give you any promises if you end up using their help. For every assignment we’ve ordered from this platform, we had a very disappointing experience. The prevailing negative reviews on independent websites seem to confirm it.
Is fake? The agency itself isn’t fake, at least from what we’ve experienced. They do deliver your finished tasks, but their quality makes you regret choosing the agency in the first place. Their website is full of big promises and claims, but they rarely deliver on them.

List of The Platform’s Services

MyAssignmentHelp does a very sneaky thing to let the customer think they’re a highly versatile writing platform. What do they do? ­They don’t list the available offerings and types of assignments they do up for review. It means they don’t need to hold themselves accountable for any clearly defined range of services.
To find out which MyAssignmentHelp service any person can get, we went ahead and contacted the agency’s representatives. Whenever we asked about any particular task type and topic, they said they’re capable of completing it. However, as soon as we asked about any line-up of services for review, they never gave a clear answer. Apart from’s writing, you can also find on their website so-called “free tools.” They’re divided into two kinds of tools, with the writing and calculating tools. You won’t get much use out of the writing tools and most of the calculating ones. During our review, we’ve found that most of them don’t work correctly at all.

Are MyAssignmentHelp Writers Any Good?

To be honest, MyAssignmentHelp’s writing is not worth the money you’ll end up paying for it. First of all, when you choose this platform, you’re playing a game of “Will they deliver it on time?” In the case of our review assignments, two of the three tasks were late. One — by a couple of hours and another — by a whole day. What’s more, MyAssignmentHelp’s quality isn’t up to the standards other agencies reliably deliver. We didn’t get a single paper free of small typos and grammatical errors in our review assignments. Moreover, the structure of the finished tasks was quite questionable and, at places, completely illogical.
It seems like the “experts” aren’t experts at all. Every single finished task during our review was neither well-researched nor written with correct academic formatting. They can affect your grade negatively. Prices & Promo Codes

Want a clear MyAssignmentHelp’s prices review? We can’t provide you with it because the platform doesn’t disclose its pricing. The only way for you to review the price for your specific task is to reach out to them. We’ve found that for the assignments we ordered for the review, on average, the charge per page was over $30. It is much higher than in most other agencies. Think that a MyAssignmentHelp’s coupon code would help bring the price down? Well, here’s the thing — you don’t know their pricing system and the estimate of your task beforehand. It means you can’t apply any discounts to the prices that aren’t confined to any pricing matrix. Yes, the client representatives might say they applied a discount, but you can’t know whether they actually did it. Additionally, they have a MyAssignmentHelp’s discount code system for referrals where you earn “money” by referring friends. You supposedly profit from your friends ordering from the platform, but we found that’s not the case in our review. Lastly, the reviews from platform users say they can’t afford to get more than one assignment. So, it isn’t a place for affordable academic help.

Customer Support

MyAssignmentHelp’s refund policy is absolutely horrible. First of all, you don’t get your money back. If the finished task you got had significant problems with it, you would receive only your account’s credit. So, you’ll have to use this platform and possibly get a paper of the same quality yet again. Furthermore, client representatives respond incredibly slow to customers. It’s quite sad that as soon as you pay, you’ll be treated worse. Before you become a customer, you get bombarded with chat pop-ups asking you to start a chat with a representative. When you do, you’re connected to someone almost immediately, and they try to sell you the platform’s offerings.
If you’re an existing customer with a problem, get ready to wait for days. It’s unacceptable that they process client inquiries over the whole business days. So, if you want a quick revision, you’re out of luck.

MyAssignmentHelp com — One of the Worst Services on the Market

Hopefully, this MyAssignmentHelp review helped you to discover what awaits you if you choose this platform. Summarizing the main points from this article, we can easily say the following:
  • The MyAssignmentHelp site is outdated with a design not inspiring any trust
  • The people behind the platform hide as much information from clients as possible
  • The freebies on the website are either useless or redundant
  • They don’t deliver on the promises of high quality in finished assignments
  • The charges per page are insanely high and not accessibly in any way
  • The client representative team’s responsiveness is sluggish and slow
We have to agree with most of the reviews. This platform is just not a very good service. We can’t recommend choosing the agency in question. This review isn’t the only one! Find another review. You’ll be much better off if you pick another platform.