Stay Away from OISE Oxford English Language School

Horrific experiences faced by the students and their families have been identified from various OISE Oxford reviews. Dozens of parents have suffered because of this fraud school, and it has severely damaged their child’s academic career. All of the victims were extremely disappointed with the school. When they went to the school to register children, they were shocked to find out that the school could barely conduct at least any studying process. Thus, most of them claimed that was the worst studying experience ever, and they would not recommend the school to anybody.

Inappropriate Activities in the School

OISE English Language School has also conducted all sorts of inappropriate activities such as alcohol consumption within the premises. It has been found that random people were entering the school and some of the staff members along with the older students were going out of the school. This happened the whole night until 4am.This, in turn, questions the security and safety of all the students within the school. Parents further informed that this had really ruined his experience towards the school. They further expressed the viewpoint that the school should have its priority towards the overall development and nurturing of the students, so they are able to gain professional and academic success in the future. However, this school is only bothered about monetary benefits. They are not even concerned about the safety and security of their students. The senior students and the staff members entering and leaving out of the school until 4 am largely increase the risk of criminal activities.

Similar instances were also shared by other people, which were identified through social media sites such as Facebook and other blogs. One of the worst experiences from the school is presented below.

It is identified that the school does not care about the students and their parents. The only aspect that the school is bothered about is gaining money. Thus, it is recommended to all the relatives to stay away from this school for their child’s safety and security.

Majority of People Providing Poor OISE Oxford Review

Reviews of OISE school Oxford are available on many blogs along with other social media websites. In a majority of the instances, it is found that this school has received extremely poor reviews and feedback. One of the individuals on a social media site informed that a pathetic experience had ruined the whole summer for his daughter. Although the person had checked every aspect prior to paying 16,000 pounds per month as a course fee in the school, the scenario gradually changed after taking admission. The school cannot provide even some of the basic necessities to the students such as towels, bottles, and plates among others. The bathrooms were not even cleaned in a regular manner. Moreover, the provided breakfast was cold, especially the cereal and the toast. Due to a lack of proper facilities, an individual had to share the bathroom with a considerably high number of other people and often had to wait for a long time for taking a shower, which resulted in the person being late to arrive at the breakfast and even in the class.

Thus, to overcome such issues, some students had to shower at night, which had affected his health causing a high fever. It has also been found that none of the staff members provided adequate care despite the fact that the person was suffering from poor health. Thus, it is recommended that people should avoid this school so that they do not become a victim of fraudulence.